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Why Do You Need A Lighting Plan ?

What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?


  • Custom lighting layout with count & placement
  • Foot candle and light balance calculations
  • Light fixture recommendation and quote
  • Dedicated lighting specialist to assist with your project

How long does it take to get a plan?


1-2 business days


2-3 business days


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What Goes Into a Successful Gymnasium Lighting Design?

A successful gymnasium lighting design starts with understanding the physical space, the existing light locations (if preexisting) and the gym lighting standards required. It also encompasses understanding the use of the gym and how any activity in the gym might affect light performance and lifespan (impact, for example).

Once this info is gathered, the lighting plan can be created and sent to the customer to ensure that what was modeled truly meets their needs and requirements.

What Are the Recommended Gym Lighting Levels?

Gym lighting requirements can vary greatly depending on the use of the facility.

Rec league and church gymnasiums may be adequately lit at 30 foot candles.

Middle school and high school gymnasiums might want to achieve a range between 30 and 50 foot candles.

University and college level gyms may want to try and achieve a higher level, 50 to 80.

How Many Foot Candles Is Ideal for a Fitness Center?

Fitness centers need to be both bright and comfortable, so too bright is just as bad as not bright enough. A level of 30-40 foot candles should create a well lit and comfortable environment. However, it’s important to make sure the light is balanced across the entire space.

How Many Lumens Is Typical In a Gym?

There are some who think in terms of lumens per square foot instead of footcandles. For those that do, 1 lumen per square foot = 1 foot candle. So, if you are looking for 30 lumens per square foot, that is the same as 30 foot candles.

How Do You Ensure Low Glare When Designing Gymnasium Court Lighting?

We recommend using frosted lenses or glare reducing lenses on fixtures instead of clear lens fixtures that show LED diodes. A frosted lens is the right lighting choice for reducing glare when looking upwards at the ceiling helps prevent direct glare.

Why is a Gym Lighting Design Important when selecting Gym Lighting Fixtures?

It allows you to see how gym lighting fixtures, along with natural light, will become the lighting system you need to properly light the gym. Everyone knows LED lights excel in energy efficiency, but the key to good lighting is choosing the right fixture that provides the right amount of light and its balanced and well distributed from high ceilings. Most customer find that upgrading HID light sources like Metal Halide and traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures to LED lights creates a better gym experience and has many cost saving benefits.

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