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Gym Lighting Design

A Gym Light Design is lighting plan generated inside special lighting software. It allows us to import a gym plan or enter the dimensions of the gym or fitness center floor and plot existing or new light locations. The software will make suggestions of light locations based on your required foot candle requirements.

The software allows us to choose lights for this indoor space, and calculate the results within the gym space. The software calculates foot candle light levels and how well the light is balanced and distributed within the space. The lighting plan report displays foot candle measurements at specific points on the floor.

We’ve done 1000’s of FREE lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers. Why Free? Because its the proper first step in getting a successful conversion to LED done. And we want your conversion to be a success.


Gym After Converting To Led

What can a Gym Light Design Do for you?

By doing a light plan for a gym, you can see the results of how converting to LED will look like before spending $1. No one wants to do a major lighting conversion and not be pleased with the results.

Too bright, not bright enough or spotty lighting results. A lighting plan removes all that doubt. From plan to purchase to install, the results will be what the lighting plan shows – a well lit gym and fitness center.

Want a Free Gym Lighting Plan?

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School Gym Lighting Plan
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