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Driving Range Lighting Plan

What Goes Into A Successful Golf Course Driving Range Lighting Design?

Driving range lighting is unique in that driving ranges are very long and narrow. We have found that good driving range lighting design starts with the lights being mounted behind the golfers and then being supplemented with additional pole mounted down range lights to light up the second half of the range.

Lighting nearer the golfers should be brighter than lighting at the far end of the range. But every operator has their own needs and requirements, and our lighting design can accommodate most needs and requirements.

What Are the Typical Golf Course Lighting Standards?

We would recommend around 10 footcandles in the tee box, 5 to 10 foot candles in the fairway area and 20 footcandles on the green.

What Goes Into a Successful Golf Course Lighting Design?

Night golf is becoming more common, but it takes a dedicated amount of time as each hole is unique. Greens need better lighting than fairways, but fairways need enough light so golfers can easily track and find their balls.