Garage Lighting Layout Calculator

What’s a Garage Lighting Layout Calculator?

We provided a simple Garage Lighting Layout Calculator for your use. It will ask you to enter the dimensions of your garage, including ceiling height (assume that’s the height of the fixture mount).

Find a fixture on your site that you think might work for your shop, take note of the lumens of that fixture. Enter it.

Determine how many foot candles you need. Not sure? Here are some simple guidelines.

For general work, 20 – 30 foot candles

For work on your car or other machines, like tables saws, 50 – 75 foot candles

For fine detail work, or you’re always in your garage, 75+ foot candles

The Garage Lighting Layout Calculator will tell you how many fixtures you need. And this by itself should be fine. However, for those interested in understanding a bit more, then you should consider a Garage Lighting Plan Layout. 

What is a Garage Lighting Plan Layout?

A Garage Lighting Plan is a computer generated lighting report that represents lighting in that garage. It visually shows layout, location and displays foot candle measurements. The diagram to the right is a garage lighting plan layout.

What it also shows is how even the light is in the space. Having good light distribution is paramount. Visually, all parts of the garage appears to have the same amount of light.

These are 3 main things a light plan gives you over a lighting calculation.

fixture location

foot candle reading at any location in the space

how even the light is

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Want a Free Garage Lighting Plan?

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