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Football Stadium Lighting Design

A Football Stadium Lighting Plan is a hard copy lighting report. A football stadium lighting plan can import an existing field from google maps or from a CAD diagram. The poles location can be identified or created. From there, lights can be added to the poles and then aimed onto the field. 

The lighting plan ‘calculates’ displaying foot candle measurements at all locations across the football field. Lights can be swapped out, re-aimed, until light levels are achieved.

Almost as important, the lighting plan ensures light is even across the field. There is nothing worst than playing or practicing in uneven light. A lighting plan show how well balanced the light is across the entire playing surface. Its indicated by the average / minimum ratio. The lower this number, the better. As a general rule, 2.0 or less is great uniform lighting.

So if you are looking to convert your foot ball field over to LED, consider having us do a football field lighting plan for you. We have created lighting plans for Middle Schools, High Schools, Practice Fields and College Stadiums. 

High School Football Lighting Plan

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