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Football Stadium Lighting Design

Looking to create a football stadium lighting plan? We’re here for you.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their football stadium lighting designs. Based on our experience, here’s what you need to know and how we can help you.

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What Is Football Stadium Lighting Design?

Football stadium lighting design is the process of using software to model lighting within a new or existing football stadium or field. The software allows us to use different lighting options to determine which particular light provides the best overall result, meeting the foot candle requirements of the customer. It also ensures that the design provides balanced lighting across the entire field, so players aren’t experiencing overly bright or underlit areas.

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What Is the Ideal Football Field Lighting Layout?

The ideal lighting layout is one that shows you where all the lights are installed, where they are aimed, and how bright and balanced the field will be if you used the lights we recommend in the plan.

What Are the Benefits of a Football Field Lighting Plan?

Creating a lighting plan takes away most, if not all, risks of adding or changing out lights in the football field. The plan will show you where all the lights should be installed, where they should be aimed, and calculate the light levels on the field. It will also show you how well the light is balanced, from end-zone to end-zone. In this way, the proper light, with the best optic, can be discovered inside the software, without you spending $1 to figure out what type of light you need.

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How Does Football Stadium Lighting Design Differ From Football Field Lighting Design?

There really isn’t a difference between the two. The goal is identical – to light up a field with bright and even light. Football fields tend to use poles on the perimeter of the field to light a field. Stadiums may use the structure of the stands as installation points for the lights. The principles for lighting the field are the same, regardless of the mounting locations.

Do You Provide Football Field and Stadium Lighting Layouts?

Yes, we have created 1000s of football and sport field lighting plans using LED Sports Lighting for our customers.

What Software Do You Use to Create a Football Field Lighting Plan?

We use the industry leading AGI32 lighting plan software.

What Light Level Is Required for a College Level Football Field? High School? Middle School? Practice Field? How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Football Field?

Here is what we would recommend for the following levels of football play.

Recreational Football: 20 foot candles
Middle School: 30 foot candles
High School: 30-40 foot candles
Pro Level High School: 50 foot candles
College: 60-150 foot candles

How Long Does It Take to Create a Football Lighting Plan?

We can usually turn a lighting plan around in under 72 hours once we have all your specifications and requirements.