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Farm Shop Lighting Layout

A Farm Shop Lighting Calculator is a simple tool we provide that performs a simple lighting calculation. 

The calculator allows you to enter the dimensions of your farm shop or out building, the amount of lumens of the fixture produces, and the light levels – foot candles you think you need in the farm shop area.

The calculator then figures out the number of LED Fixtures needed to light up the space.

A farm shop lighting calculator is a good simple tool. It is not perfect. It will not tell you where to place the lights. It will not show you foot candle calculations at any space in the farm shop. And it will not show how evenly distributed the light is in your shop, how bright the light is in between lighting fixtures, or how bright or dark the corners are.

What’s a Farm Shop Lighting Plan Layout?

A Farm Shop Lighting Layout is a Lighting Plan that addresses all the short comings of a simple lighting calculation. It provides you with a visual report detailing light location, foot candle measurements across the floor of the work space, how bright the corners are and evenly distributed the lighting is.

The report is created by specialized lighting software. So where as the Farm Shop Lighting Calculator can only tell you how many lights you need, the Farm Shop Lighting Plan can show you so much more.

How many foot candles do you need for a farm shop?

The amount you need depends on the type of work performed.

For general work and storage of equipment, 20 to 30 foot candles should work

When you are working on equipment or machines, 50 to 75 foot candles is the proper amount

If you’re doing fine detail work, you should probably try to get 75 to 100 foot candles.

Want a Free Farm Workshop Lighting Plan?

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