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Factory Lighting Design

A Factory Lighting Plan is a printable report showing your factory floor, lights, and foot candle measurements across the floor of the factory. The lighting plan can include machines and warehouse racking, all the things that can impede lighting. With these items modeled into the plan, the factory lighting plan calculates light levels. Lights can be replaced, moved, added or removed, to ultimately provide the best lighting for your factory.

 Factory lighting plans are blueprints once complete, but are really workable lighting models trying to determine what light, placement, beam angles and lumen package works best for you.

Unique to LED Lighting Supply, we also offer a full range of High Temperature LED High Bays that we can also model into the factory lighting plan. So whether you have high ceilings, high heat or tall warehouse shelving, we can create a lighting plan for your factory that is tailored specifically for you.

By doing a simple factory lighting plan calculation, you can see what your factory flood space can look like by converting to LED without installing 1 light. We have built 1000’s of lighting plans and are experts in finding the right LED Lighting Solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Factory Lighting Plan

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