How bright will your factory space be after you convert to LED Lighting? That’s a great question. No one wants to spend money on a factory lighting conversion project only to find out the area isn’t bright enough, too bright or poorly distributed. Saving money is one thing but ending up with the right results is as important when upgrading Factory Spaces – Indoors or Outdoor – to LED.

So, how can you make sure the light you choose will be the right choice? How many watts? How many lumens? What optics should you use? It’s hard to look at a cut sheet and determine that this is the perfect light for the job. And buying off the shelf products from big name eCommerce sites will often result in bad lighting.

How can you upgrade your factory space to LED without all the risk? How do you calculate foot candles for industrial lighting? factory lighting design calculation can help you to solve these questions.


What is a Factory Lighting Design Plan?

A Factory Lighting Design Plans gives you a virtual representation of what the lighting could be. Using lighting software, it models the dimension of your room including:

ceiling, wall and floor reflectivity
natural light
existing light locations
perception of the current light (too bright, too dark, just right)
the existing fixtures

recommended foot candles for manufacturing

Using this information, we model  the interior space of your factory utilizing different light fixtures, configurations and optics. When we perform the modeling, we observe the light levels at the floor or desired work plane, and how well the light is distributed. We run several models with different fixtures, calculating what the best option and results will be for you.

Lighting calculations can model any option. If you have high ceilings, you may consider a lower angle optic to put the light on the ground and less on the walls. If you have lower ceilings, we would choose a fixture with greater beam distribution to level out the light levels across the entire areas.

industrial energy audit

Example: Factory space 200 feet long, 100 feet wide, 35 feet high with a goal of 30 foot candles


LED Warehouse Indoor Lighting Plan

The photometric shows 4 rows of 9 150W LED UFO needed to achieve 30 fc with uniform light distribution.

Fixture Used

150 Watt LED UFO High Bay

(36 fixtures)

So by doing a simple factory lighting calculation, you can see what your space can look like before you even spend 1 dollar. We can assist you in determining the option with the best light distribution for your need.

We strongly believe that performing an indoor or outdoor factory lighting calculation before you purchase greatly reduces the risk of buying the wrong fixture.

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