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Converting a Data Center to LED is a good thing. It can lower your energy bills, and provide efficient, bright high quality light that can be easily dimmed with motion sensors. However, getting the lighting right is not so easy. Picking the right fixture can be daunting with so many lights available. Picking the right fixture can be the difference between having great lighting in your data center and having a lighting problem.

So how can you avoid the pitfalls of converting to LED? Consider creating a Data Center Lighting Plan.

What’s a Data Center Lighting Plan? 

A data center lighting plan is a specialized lighting design report that models the interior space of your data center. It can model a room or the entire building. It allows you to import the space from a CAD file or enter the room dimensions.

Once entered, the software allows you to try different lights and in the case of a data center, whether the ceiling is a drop ceiling grid with 2X2 or 2X4 panels. Lights can be added, removed and adjusted.

The ultimate goal of a data center lighting plan? Provide, you – the customer, with a report showing light level, foot candle readings, and an indication of how well lit the area is.

The lighting plan to the right is a sample of what lighting plans look like. The reports we provide are expanded versions of the simple version we displayed here.

And the best news? We do data center lighting plans for FREE for our commercial and industrial customers.



The lighting plan shows 7 rows, 11 columns of 27 Watt LED 2X2 panels. The plan shows 40 foot candles with uniform light distribution.

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