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What Is a Construction Site Lighting Plan?

A Construction Site Lighting Plan, or night work lighting plan, is a software generated report detailing how lighting will perform on a construction site or large outdoor space. It can include different types of lights in different locations and shows a graphical representation of light levels in foot candles or lux throughout the entire construction area.

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What Are the Typical Construction Site Lighting Standards?

According to OSHA, here are the minimum OSHA night work lighting requirements for a construction site.

General Construction Area Lighting – 5 foot candles
Concrete placement, excavation and waste areas, refueling areas and field maintenance – 3 foot candles
General shops or construction plants including screening plants, batch plants, carpenter shops, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms. 10 foot candles

How Do You Calculate the Ideal Construction Site Lighting Layout?

Creating a lighting plan is a good first step. The plan allows you to create a physical layout of the outdoor / indoor space. Then you can add lights and poles in specific locations. The plan calculates foot candle readings across the construction site to meet your required light levels.