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LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofit

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What Are LED Parking Lot Fixture Retrofit Kits?

LED Parking Lot Light retrofit kits are led components designed to replace the light components of parking lot shoebox light fixture. Parking Lot Fixture retrofit kits will utilize the existing shoebox fixture and replace the old technology lighting components. There kits consists of two parts: the retrofit kit consisting of LEDs and heat sink, and a LED Driver.

The LEDs and heat sink are replacements for the bulb, and the LED Driver is replacement for the HID Ballast.

How long to Parking Lot Fixture Retrofit Kits Last?

They are designed to operate as long as any LED Parking Lot Fixture. As long as you follow the included instructions, and your fixture is water-proof, these shoebox retrofit kits will last 10+ years under normal operating conditions without the need for any maintenance.

How do you install a LED Parking Lot Fixture Retrofit Kit inside an existing shoebox / parking lot fixture?

There are two distinct steps, removing the old parts and installing the new parts. For the plate mounted retrofit kits we have listed here, you would remove the fixtures reflector, bulb and ballast. You can also remove the socket that holds the bulb. What you are left with is an empty fixture.

To install the retrofit kit, install the LED driver into the same area the old ballast was located. Install the LED plate using the Parking Lot Fixtures existing mounting screws. And the snap connect the driver to the LEDs, and wire in the driver the same way the old ballast was connected. It takes approximately 20 minutes to retrofit a parking lot fixture, once you establish your pattern of work.