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Shop our wide selection of Commercial and Industrial Grade High Bay LED Lights. Our LED fixtures include UFO lights and linear fixtures. They range from 100 Watts to 600 Watts, producing up to 96,000 lumens. 1000’s in stock – ready to ship.

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  • 80 Watt LED High Bay Retrofit Lamp | 9600 Lumens | 250 Watt Replacement
    Retail Price:
    Inventory Count: 8 | Ships In: 2-3 Business Days

    Inventory Count: 10 | Ships in 2-3 Business Days



    Web ID:









    250 Watt Metal Halide

    Color Temp:




    Input Voltage:


    Operating Temp:

    -22°F to +131°F




    6.1 in D X 7.3 in L

  • 150 Watt LED High Bay Retrofit Lamp | 19500 Lumens | 400 Watt Replacement
    Retail Price:
    Inventory Count: 7 | Ships In: 2-3 Business Days

    Inventory Count: 7 | Ships in 2-3 Business Days



    Web ID:









    400 Watt Metal Halide

    Color Temp:




    Input Voltage:


    Operating Temp:

    -22°F to +122°F




    11.2 in D – 8.25 in stem


Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and long-term customers. We wanted to find out the most common questions about buying High Bay LED Lights. If you couldn’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191. A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.

If you want to learn more about these fixtures, make sure you read our Buyers Guide to LED High Bay Light Fixtures

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Before You Buy
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Fixtures and Fittings
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How to Choose the Best LED High Bay for your Application?

Here’s a general rule for replacing old Metal Halide / HID fixtures:

400 Watts – choose a LED fixture producing 15,000 to 30,000 lumens.
1000 Watts – choose a LED fixture producing 40,000 to 60,000 lumens.

You can determine the specific output by understanding the following factors:

  1. What is the current wattage?
  2. How many High Bay LED Lights are there?
  3. How high are the fixtures mounted?
  4. What is the space used for? (to help determine the amount of light required)

Choose a style:

  1. LED UFO lights – these round fixtures are a good replacement for HID / Metal Halide fixtures
  2. LED Linear Panels – these panel style lights are a great replacement for fluorescent/T5 fixtures.

You should also consider:

Voltage: 100-277V or 277-480V.
Mounting: Eye Hook, Pendant Mount, Ceiling Mount or Wire/Cable suspension
Motion Sensor: Dim the lights when the room is empty
Color Temperature: 4000K or 5000K
Beam Angle: 120 degrees standard, 90 or 60 degrees for higher ceilings

A few more things to consider before your LED High Bay Light purchase:

Look for good product reviews and make sure the company is reputable.
Find a vendor that understands your requirements. They can provide professional recommendations based on your needs.
You like how the product looks.
The product has a 5+ years warranty. And who do you call if you need warranty support? We handle all warranty claims for our products.

For new installations or you need guidance, then we recommend making a lighting plan. A lighting plan will help choose the right option. Scroll to the bottom of this page to request yours!

Do you sell High Bay LED Lighting that can handle High Temperatures?

Some of the fixtures you see on this page have an upper rating of 140F.

Are you looking for High Bay LED Lights that can handle more than that? We offer a family of lighting fixtures with an upper temperature rating of 212F. Click here to see our high temperature LED Fixtures.

Coca Cola Warehouse 150w High Bay

What Are The Best Industrial LED High Bay Lights?

The fixtures you see on this page are hard to beat. They are all high-quality, robust, durable and powerful fixtures. They’re designed to deliver years of premium and maintenance-free lighting.

If you’re wondering what the best LED high bay lights are, we’re here to help.

Start by creating a lighting plan. It will help select the perfect light that delivers the required foot candles for your space. It will also show you how balanced and even the lighting is. What’s more, the fixture’s backed by LED Lighting Supply’s warranty and post-sales support. You can rest assured you have purchased a great fixture for your facility.

What’s Your Most Popular High Bay Lights?

Our family of HBC White UFO LED Lights are popular. They are available in lower wattage 100W and 120W and higher 150W and 200W models. These fixtures are well built, reliable and priced right for our customers.

What Round High Bay LED Lights Do You Recommend?

We would recommend these fixtures to replace convention Metal Halide and HPS fixtures:

  1. The HBC 150 Watt 5000K is a perfect replacement for 400 Watts
  2. The 240 Watt HBHO High-Bay is an efficient 1000 Watts
  3. Our 300 Watt Industrial Fixture is great when you want light levels to exceed a 1000 Watts. It’s available in both standard (100-277V) or High Voltage (277-480V) options.
  4. 150 Watt High Bay – Industrial Grade. 100-277V
  5. 150 Watt High Bay – Industrial Grade. 277-480V
  6. 500 Watt High Bay – 100-277V – replaces 1500 Watt Metal Halide
  7. 500 Watt High Bay – 277-480V – replaces 1500 Watt Metal Halide


How Many High Bay LED Lights Do I Need?

Converting your from metal-halide or fluorescent? High probability we can do a 1-for-1 replacement to LED. For new lighting layouts, it’s important to go through the following steps:

1. How many foot-candles do you want on the ground?
2. What is the physical space of the area?
3. Are there any obstructions?

From there, we can create a lighting plan that will model this area. This plan will tell you

how many lights you need
where they’re located
the optimal distance between fixtures

The lighting plan will show you the average, min and max foot-candle readings in the space. It will show you how balanced the light is (look for a low average/min ratio).

Here are some general guidelines that will help you do some quick calculations.  Please note, the higher the ceiling, the more powerful light you will need.

15-20 feet: 100-150 watts LED: 15000-22500 lumens
20-30 feet: 120-200 watts LED: 18000-30000 lumens
31-40 feet: 240-300 watts LED:  40800-45000 lumens
40+ feet: 400-600 watts LED: 72000-96000 lumens

Recommended fixture spacing for LED high bays are as follows. Please note, these are general guidelines. They do not take into account how bright you want the space to be. If you need brighter, you can add brighter lights or make the spacing between fixtures closer.

10 feet ceiling height: 10-12 feet apart
20 feet ceiling height: 20-22 feet apart
30 feet ceiling height: 30-33 feet apart
40 feet ceiling height: 40-44 feet apart

Are Your High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures Rated for Wet Locations?

Some are. You need a fixture that is UL Wet Location rated, and has the IPxx rating. IP Ratings start at IP65 and go to IP69K. The higher the number, the better it is in wet conditions. (The second digit in the IP rating is the one you care about – its the protection from water intrusion)

Do You Sell Dimmable High Bays?

Yes, many of the LED fixtures you see on this page are dimmable. On the specification of each light, we identify if the fixture is dimmable.

They are all 1-10V dimmable and controlled by 2 low voltage dimming wires. Some of our dimmable LED Fixtures are only designed to work with a motion sensor only.

Do you sell Motion Sensors?

We do. Some of our high bays have built-in integrated motion sensors. Some have motion sensor as an add-on option. Most of our fixtures you see on this page are 1-10V dimmable. Which means they stay lit to 10% to provide some minimal lighting to keep the area safe.

Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting

Do You Sell LED High Bay Shop Lights?

Yes, we offer many LED High Bay Light Fixtures that you can use inside a work shop or inside a commercial shop facility. The most important criteria is to pick the right light and the right number of lights to get the foot candles to where you need and the light balance perfect so there are no shadows.

Do you sell High Voltage High Bays?

We do. The standard driver that comes with all our LED High Bays are 100-277V. These are automatic switching drivers that detect the incoming voltage and automatically set to that voltage.

On some models, we offer high voltage options. The two most common high voltage options are 347-480V and 277-480V. These drivers are also self adjusting to the incoming voltage.

Do you have high bays that help with Glare?

We do. The most common option we offer is a frosted lens. This helps significantly to reduce glare over a clear lens where the LED diodes are visible. The second option we offer on some models is a ribbed lens which helps block seeing the diodes and the glare produced by them.

We have installed these options in many gymnasiums with great results.

Do your LED High Bays Come with a Plug?

Most of the fixtures you see on this page come with a bare whip / power cord ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet. We do not supply a plug. Requirements can vary from installation to installation.

Most industrial installation wires go into a J-box and do not need a plug. If a plug’s needed, we can quote an optional plug.


What’s the recommended mounting height for High Bay LED Lights?

Any ceiling with a height of 20 feet or higher is perfect for these fixtures. One thing to consider. For high ceilings (> 30 feet), you might need a more powerful high bay or consider using a tighter beam angle (60 or 90 degrees). You want to be careful with high ceiling applications. If you use to wide of a beam angle, a lot of the light will be converted to lighting up the walls and not the floor and work area below.

What Mounting options are available for a LED High Bay fixture?

For UFO LED Lights, we offer hook mount and pendant mount utilizing a conduit pipe connected to a junction box.

For linear high bays, wire / cable mounts that attach to the corners of the unit are common mounts, as well as pendant mount from the center of the fixture.

Hbc 150 4 Gym 400w Replacement


How Do You Mount a LED High Bay?

These lights come with these common mounting options:

Eye Hook
Pendant Mount (3/4 inch)
Cable Mount (used on panel style fixture)
Surface mount – mounted to the wall or ceiling

How do I Wire Your LED High Bays?

Wiring a LED fixture is pretty simple. There are 3 main wires that the high bay uses: Line, Neutral and Ground.

Sometimes there are two low voltage dimming wires that allow you to dim light levels with a 1-10V dimmer. If you need to dim, make sure the fixture is dimmable and comes with low voltage dimming wires.

We recommend hiring a licensed electrician for any high bay installation.