750 Watt Metal Halide Equivalent LED High Bay

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What are 750 Watt Metal Halide Equivalent LED High Bays?

A 750 Watt Metal Halide High Bay is not a very common high bay format, its in between arguably the two most common formats - 400 Watts and 1000 Watts. However, these lights are terrific for the facility that currently has 400 Watt Metal Halides and want more light - and not wanting to step up to 1000 Watt Metal Halide Equivalents.

How many LED Watts does it take to replace a 750 Watt Metal Halide Equivalent LED High Bay?

If you look at the standard watts to replace a 400 Watt Metal Halide - 120 to 200, and then look at the watts to replace 1000 Watts Metal Halide - 280 to 400, the amount of watts to replace 750 Watts Metal Halide is right in between these marks, from about 180 to 300. The amount you need relies completely in the efficacy of the fixture (lumens created per watt consumed), and determining, via a light plan, whether the light chosen meets the facilities foot candle requirements.

How many LED lumens to replace a 750 Watt Metal Halide Equivalent LED High Bay?

The sweet spot for this Metal Halide replacement seems to be between 25,000 and 36,000 lumens. While this range is very broad, the range allows us to choose lights that work well within a facilities lighting criteria. Having a wide variety of lumen options allows us to design, using a Lighting Plan, a unique solution for the customer's facility. 

The best way to determine how many lumens you need is to create a lighting plan. A lighting plan will allow you to see foot candle readings across the facilities space. So instead of thinking about watts and lumens, think first in terms of foot candles, create a lighting plan, and this will help you decide on the perfect light.

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