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What are 200 Watt High Bay Lights?

200 Watt High Bay LED lights are indoor high bay fixtures designed to replace 400 Watt Metal Halide and 6-8 tube T5 54W HO Linear fixtures. They are on the upper range of power and lumens that would replace a 400 Watt Metal Halide. Another common option are 150 Watt LED High Bays.

200 Watt LED High Bays lights produce around 30000 lumens (depending on the fixtures efficacy), so they are a good option for the facility owner who wants to replace their Metal Halide fixtures but is looking for more light that what they had.

What are the "best 200 Watt High Bay Lights"?

First a disclaimer. Be wary of anyone who claims they have the "Best 200 Watt LED High Bay". The best light is the light that works perfectly for your facility. What is best for one facility may not be best for you. So many factors come into determining what fixture will work best in a specific set of conditions. Mounting height, fixture placement, and foot candle requirements can make one fixture better than another. Everything other claim is just marketing.

The best way to determine what fixture is best for you is to start with a lighting plan. Tell us the size of your space, mounting height, and required foot candles. Working with our sales pro, we will create a Free lighting plan for you. It will show you light locations (either your existing locations or new ones), foot candle readings on the floor, and how well the light is distributed in between lights.

A lighting plan will help you pick the best lighting option, and your decision will be based on facts and not hyperbole.

Where should you install a 200 Watt LED High Bay?

These lights are perfect replacements for 400 Watt Metal Halides, so any place you find a Metal Halide fixture, you can install these. These are great for gyms, factories, warehouses, hangars and any large indoor area. A 200 Watt LED High Bay is a power fixture, so you should be able to meet and exceed any existing 400 Watt Metal Halide lighting requirement.

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