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What are 150 Watt High Bay Lights?

150 Watt LED High Bay lights are fixtured designed to replace a 400 Watt Metal Halide High Bay. Depending on the efficacy of the fixture, the fixture produces between 19,000 and 27,000 lumens. (Look at the lumens / watt.

150 Watt High Bay lights are available as both round style UFO LED Fixtures as well as panel style linear fixtures.

Where would you use a 150 Watt High Bay Light?

You will find these lights work perfectly any place a 400 Watt Metal Metal Halide High Bay. That means they work well in all commercial and industrial spaces, such as factories, warehouses, retail stores, shops, gymnasiums and other locations like pole barns and airport hangars.

What options are available with a 150 Watt LED High Bay?

Most options are available with a 150 Watt LED High Bay, like optics, color temperatures, voltage selections and motion sensors This means a 150W LED High Bay is highly customizable to meet almost any need or requirement.

What are the best 150 Watt High Bay Lights?

There is no such thing as a "Best 150 Watt High Bay Light". That's just marketing lingo. What makes a light best for you is it is the right light to meet your needs.

We recommend starting with a High Bay Lighting Plan, and we can model and simulate different lighting options with different types and styles of 150 Watt High Bay Lights. Having options is a good thing, and creating a lighting plan takes away all the guess work in finding out what light is the best choice for you. 

We provide Free 150 Watt High Bay Lighting Plans for our Commercial and Industrial customers. Just scroll to the top and ask us to do a Free Lighting Plan for you.

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