Commercial Lighting Lux Levels and Foot Candles

How many foot candles do you need for your commercial space? Many factors come into play – the use of the space, whether its used for retail, warehousing or a general purpose area and the amount of ambient light. With that said, we created this commercial lighting guide to help you first determine the foot candles or lux required. And then how you can get a commercial lighting plan done to show how converting to LED Lights will look in your indoor or outdoor space.

What is the difference between foot candles and lux?

Foot candles and lux are essentially the same thing. They are two ways of representing the same data. Some people are more comfortable taking in terms of foot candles and others prefer lux. You can calculate lux and foot candles using the simple conversions

1 foot candle = 10.7639 lux

1 lux = 0.092903 foot candles

Foot Candle to Lux Calculator: Enter Lux or Foot Candles


Foot Candles for Commercial Lights

So how do you calculate foot candles for commercial lighting? There really is no calculator.

But there are lighting plans. A lighting plan takes an indoor or outdoor space and plots lighting within this space. Inside the software, a calculation is performed taking into account the lumens of the fixtures and the location of the lights. When the calculation is complete, calculated points are indicated on the floor indicating the foot candle reading at that location.

A commercial lighting plan will show how bright your space can be and how evenly balanced the light will be distributed. It will also show you the locations of the lights. We can create a custom commercial indoor or outdoor lighting plan for Free.

This takes the risk out of your LED purchase.

We have done 1000’s of FREE lighting plans. We have 100’s of lights to choose from to meet almost any requirement or budget.  We have a warehouse full of LED lights ready to ship.  So your lighting plan to purchase can be a quick and easy.

Machine Shop Lighting Plan

Want a Free Commercial Lighting Plan?

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Some Common Foot Candle Requirements

Office Lighting Foot Candles

Open Cubicle Space 30 fc
Private 50 fc
Reception Areas 10 fc
Conference Rooms 30 fc
Video Conferences  

Shop Foot Candle Requirements

General Purpose Hobby Shop 35
Commercial Shop with Assembly but relative safe processes 50
Machine Shop or Shop with Machines 50-75

Food Industry Foot Candle Requirements

Work zones in breweries, barrel washing and filling etc 20
Sorting and washing of products, mixing and packing 30
Work stations and critical zones in meat plants houses, butchers, dairies and sugar refineries 45
Cutting and sorting of fruit and vegetables 30
Manufacture of delicatessen foods and restaurant kitchen work 45-50
Inspection of bottles, boxes and production control 30
Laboratories 50-75
Color and Other Inspections 90
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