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What Are the Recommended Commercial Kitchen Lighting Levels?

The FDA recommends that areas where machinery or knives are being used to be lit to at least 50 footcandles.

How Many Lumens Do You Typically Need to Light a Commercial Kitchen?

For commercial kitchens, we recommend over 50 Foot Candles.

Commercial Kitchen

What Goes Into Successful Commercial Kitchen Lighting Design?

A lot goes into a commercial kitchen lighting design, because it is important to meet the lighting footcandle requirements that the customer requests. Secondly, bright lighting means nothing if it is not balanced and even across the space. Understanding obstructions, like large pieces of equipment in the space, will help you create a lighting design that strategically places lights so that every area is properly lit.

We can model any interior commercial kitchen with our lighting plan software. We provide a graphical report of how well lit and balanced the space will be using our lights. The lighting design is a working model and can be adjusted to meet additional requirements.

Does the NSF Rating Impact a Commercial Kitchen Lighting Layout?

It does not. You have to think of an NSF fixture as a light source that works the same way as a traditional light source. NSF rating, IP69K rating is more about the fixture’s capabilities than a reflection of how it performs as a light. There should be no issues lighting a commercial kitchen with an NSF fixture.