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20 Foot Square Steel Light Pole

Sku: MLLG-LS-POLE-20FT-4IN-SQ – 1736
Height: 20 ft
Dimensions: 4 in X 4 in
Weight: 152 lbs

20 foot 4 in Straight Square Steel poles are built from high strength steel tube and are available side drilled for arm mounted area lighting luminaires or with tenon mounts for flood and post top luminaires. Typical area lighting applications include retail centers, industrial parks, schools and universities, public transit and airports, office buildings and medical facilities. 
Mounting Height 20 ft
Wall Thickness 11 gauge
Shaft Base 4 in X 4 in
Base Size 11 in
Bolt Circle 8 in - 11 in
Bolt Projection 2.75 in
Bolt Size 3/4 in X 17 in X 3 in
Pole Weight 152 lbs
EPA 70 9.2
EPA 80 7.3
EPA 90 6
EPA 100 4.2
EPA 110 3
EPA 120 1.6
Conforms to ASTM-A 500 Grade B: Minimum Yield Strength of 46,000 PSI.
Finish: Textured Architectural Bronze Powder coat Finish, Baked to Ensure Maximum Paint Adhesion, Hardness and Durability.
Anchor Bolts: Included, Sized Based on 20 ft Pole Data Pole Size.
Hand Hole: Cast Iron Reinforced Hand Hole and Cover with Ground Screw.
Base Cover: Poles are provided with a 2 piece formed steel base cover that Assembles Easily and fits over pole base.

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