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LED Lighting Supply LED Catalog

Industrial LED Lights

LED High Bay

UFO - Linear - High Power, High Voltage, High Temp

LED Explosion Proof

C1D1 - C1D2 - High Bay - Low Bay - Flood

LED Food Safe

Replace 250W - 750W HID - NSF Certified

LED Vapor TIght

2ft, 4ft and 8ft LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

LED Construction Lights

Replace 250W - 400W HID with LED Construction Lights

LED Airport Lights

High Power LED Tarmac / Hangar Lights

LED Roadway

Replace 150W  to 1000W Metal Halide and HPS

LED High Mast

Replace 400W to 1500W HID - DOT and Slim Profile

LED Marine Lights

High Power Salt  Water Marine Safe  Lights

Commercial LED Lights

LED High Bay

UFO - Linear - High Power, High Voltage, High Temp

LED Low Bay

UFO Style - Linear Style - Hazardous Location - NSF

LED Shop Lights

4 ft - 8 ft - Hardwired LED Shop Lights

LED Wrap Around

2ft & 4ft LED Wraparound

LED Panels

2x2 & 2x4 Color Changing

LED Troffers

2X2 and 2X4 LED Troffer

Ceiling Lights

Replace Incandescent

LED Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

LED Exit and Emergency

LED Area Lights

High Power LED Area Lighting Fixtures

LED Security

LED Optic Packagess for Billboard lights

LED Security

LED Optic Packagess for Billboard lights

Outdoor LED Lights

LED Shoebox

LED Shoebox

LED High Mast

LED High Mast

LED Post Top

LED Pole Top

LED Roadway

LED Roadway

LED Stadium

LED Stadium Light

LED Security

LED Security

Flood Lights

800w Industrial Led Flood Light

Yard Lights

LED Area Lights

Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack

Soffit Lights

LED Soffit Lights

LED Area

LED Area Lights

LED Canopy

LED Canopy

Wall Sconce

LED Wall Sconce

LED Billboard

LED Security


LED Airport Lights

Marine Lights

LED Marine Lights

Solar Lights

LED Solar Lights

LED Bollard

Led Bollard

Shop our extensive offering of LED Outdoor Industrial and Commercial Fixtures. This includes area, pole, security, wall mounted, high mast and even stadium lights.

The need for energy-efficiency cannot be overstated, especially in the commercial sector. U.S. DOE report shows commercial lighting consumed 40% of all light electricity. Commercial and industrial properties need a lot of light. HIDs lights comprised 34% of all lighting systems used for lighting in 2015. Skyrocketing energy costs are pushing the commercial industry to newer, energy-efficient light sources. They combine high-quality lighting, ease of maintenance, and versatility in one neat package.

Commercial Outdoor LED lighting fixtures are overtaking traditional commercial outdoor lights. They are now found in public parks, parking lots and large open spaces. LEDs have the ability to produce intense and uniform light for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. They have become the go-to sources of light for commercial lighting applications. 

LED Retrofit Kits

LED HID Retrofit Kits

Replace 150W to 1500W HID - 165 lumens/watt

LED Downlight Retrofit Kits

Replace 150 to 400W HID in recessed fixtures

LED Shoebox Retrofit Kits

Replace HID bulbs in your shoebox fixtures

LED Canopy Retrofit Kits

Replace HID bulbs in your canopy fixtures

LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kit

Replace HID bulbs in your wall pack fixtures

LED Downlight

Replace Halogen, CFL and Incandescent with LED

LED High Bay Retrofit Bulb

Replace 250W and 400W HID High Bay Bulbs

LED Bollard Bulbs

Replace Halogen, CFL and Incandescent with LED

LED Post Top Retrofit Bulbs

Replace 30W to 400W Metal Halide with LED

LED Street Light Retrofits

Replace 250W and 400W Street Light HID Bulbs

LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits

2, 3 and 4 Strip Magnetic Strips

T8LED Tubes

2 ft, 4ft and 8ft T8 LED Tubes

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