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Car Dealership Lighting Plan

What Goes Into A Successful Car Dealership Lighting Design?

A lighting design has to accomplish two main tasks: it must provide the right amount of light and the lighting needs to be balanced within the space. This never held more true for car dealerships – where showing cars in the best possible light is the most important part of the job. The better the lighting is, the more attractive the cars will look. .

You can literally split a car dealership into 3 distinct areas – indoor showroom lighting, outdoor lighting and service areas/offices/waiting room areas. Each of these areas have different requirements, different specifications and different needs. Creating a lighting plan can help you find out what the lighting would look like if you follow the plan and light schedule indicated within the plan.

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What Is the Ideal Pole Height to Use For Car Dealership Lighting Design?

Based on our years of experience, we generally find that higher performs better than lower. It creates a much better balance of lighting in between the poles. At a minimum, we would recommend 20 ft high. Ideally, 30 ft is going to give better results than 20 ft poles.

What Are the Recommended Light Levels For a Car Dealership Parking Lot?

The recommended outdoor lighting can range from 2 to 15 footcandles. It can range more in areas where cars are prominently displayed, like the area in front of the main indoor showroom.

What Are the Recommended Light Levels For the Inside of a Car Dealership?

The recommended light levels can range significantly from 20 to 50 foot candles. This is more about customer preference than any specific guideline we have and is based on what the space is used for. You want more light in showrooms and work areas and less light in storage and office spaces. For the most part, car dealerships that contact us generally have a requirement they want met.

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