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Thinking of converting your car dealership over to LED? Unsure where you should start? Converting to LED is a risk-reward proposition. The reward, if you get it right, is bright, high quality, energy saving LED Lighting that makes your car dealership look spectacular. The risk – do it wrong and you created an un-inviting place for your customers and employees. 

So, how can you make the right LED choice? What fixture? Watts? Lumens? Color Temperature? Looking at a cut sheet and making a decision based on the technical data is risky.

How can you safely upgrade your car dealership to LED without risk?  A car dealership lighting plan can help you to solve all these problems.

What is a Car Dealership Lighting Plan?

Indoor or Outdoor Car Dealership Lighting Design Plans gives you a virtual representation of what the lighting could be. Using lighting software, it simulates your area by modeling:

length, width and height of the auto repair bay or interior showroom
how reflective are the walls, floors and ceilings
existing locations of your lights

For Outdoor Lighting Plans

Location of poles, wall packs or flood lights

We enter this information into special lighting software, select the appropriate replacement LED fixtures, and calculate light levels and distribution. The software produces are report that gives your details about what your indoor or outdoor space would look like after converting it over to LED.

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LED Parking Lot LIghts

LED Warehouse Indoor Lighting Plan

Car Dealership Outdoor Lighting Design

A car dealership parking lot lighting plan can tell you how bright the parking lot can be if you convert your lights over to LED.  Lighting plans can be done for parking areas, pathways, facades, flood and security lighting. A lighting plan can model your area, show foot candle levels, and give you and idea of how well your lot will be lit and how even the light is across the lot.

The sample to the right is a car dealership lot found on google maps. It was imported into the software, the poles were located, and new fixtures were simulated on the poles. 

The lighting plan then calculates light levels.

Lights can be swapped out, tilted, re-oriented, added or removed to meet any existing or new requirement.

Doing this work in software takes all the guess work out of converting to LED. 

Car Dealership Lighting Plan
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