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LED Lighting Supply has created 1000’s of Lighting Plans. Here are a few examples of how a lighting plan turns into a successful LED conversion. 

Project 1: Outdoor Rodeo and Riding Arena

In this particular case, we were asked to convert an existing rodeo ring from metal halide to led.

The goal was to light the ring to around 15 foot candles, and provide even distribution. We needed to be cost conscious, as the customer had a budget.

From this information, we create their lighting plan.

Roping Arena Lighting Plan


We added (4) 400 Watt 60 degree LED stadium flood lights to each pole. These flood lights are also available in 30 and 45 degrees. We chose 60 degrees to maximize light distribution and make the light levels as even as possible.

The light plan showed an average of 14.55 foot candles, but the majority of central arena is approaching 20 foot candles.

Our light plans include aiming diagrams, so the customer was available to point the lights according to the lighting plans.

The Result: Another Successful LED Conversion

Riding Ring Results 1

Riding Ring Results 1

Riding Ring Results 3

Riding Ring Results 3

Riding Ring Results 2

Riding Ring Results 2

Riding Ring Results 4

Riding Ring Results 4

And what did the customer think?

We finally got the lights up and they are amazing. I was looking for some old pictures to compare them to but I don’t have any on my phone. … I think the layout y’all put together worked out well.


Thank you for all your help on this project.

Project 2: Indoor Food Processing Storage Area

 In this project, the customer was looking for convert over from fluorescent lighting to LED NSF strip light fixtures. In this project, we created a free indoor lighting plan using our 80 watt IP69K NSF rated LED Strip light fixture. In this space, we achieved 55 foot candles using 8 fixtures.

Once the customer approved the plan, they purchased the lights and installed. From lighting plan to installation, putting the extra time to get the light levels right with excellent distribution creates a happy customer!

Lighting Plan Indoor Nsf Fixture
Nsf Fixtures Lighting Results
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