Visitors, potential customers, and employees shouldn’t have to be in fear while going shopping, parking for an event, going to the beach, or even going to work. For this reason, we find that the outdoor lot can lead to many potential hazards.. if the outdoor lot owner allows for such vulnerabilities.

The number one cause of crime in an outdoor lot is caused by low security, and unlit areas contribute heavily to this. A dark outdoor lot doesn’t allow for cameras to pick up all the activity as clearly as it should.

Additionally, unintentional accidents can occur simply by not being able to see everything that is going on. Thus, we think it is up to the owner and manager to prevent accidents (both intentional and non-intentional) from occurring and the first part of the equation to doing so is by ensuring the area is properly illuminated.

As we briefly described above, here are all of the potential dangers that a dark outdoor lot can potentially cause:


1. Car accidents

Whether it be with another car, an object, or a human; the odds of crashing are much more likely if you are unable to properly see. For obvious reasons, this is not a desirable outcome for a outdoor lot; especially if it could potentially bring the lot owner liable to the accident.


2. Crime

Think about it, if you are unable to detect movement due to lack of light; it is much easier for people to hide and move around without you, or even the security team, to know about it. For this reason, having adequate light in every corner of your property that visitors will be in is paramount to the safety and security to all of your visitors.

Additionally, car thefts and break-ins can be higher when under lit areas are an issue. To resolve this, you need to improve your lighting design which will, if done right, will allow you to meet the lighting requirements for outdoor lots.


3. Personal injury incidents

Not only are other people a potential hazard to your visitors, but your property may be of hazard to them as well. By maintaining proper lighting levels, you can cross this one potential liability off of your list.


How to Properly Illuminate Your Outdoor Lot

For those of you reading this who own an outdoor lot, here we will explain a little bit about some benefits you will gain, along with how to start the process of getting proper light fixtures in your car lot.

(Note: If you aren’t an owner of property with an outdoor lot, don’t forget to share this with someone who does!).

For starters, we recommended a lighting technology that will provide proper lumen output throughout its entire lifespan. For this, LED is the technology to go with. Reason being? It maintains high lumen output throughout its life, unlike other technologies such as metal halide which output much less light near the end of their lifespan. So while LED does slowly depreciate in light output too, it is much slower and overall less. Here are some other main benefits that you will realize by converting to LED lights.


1. Less energy usage

LEDs are known to be virtually the most efficient lighting technology around. And since parking fixtures typically use a lot of lumens, and thus wattage, by converting to LED you will be able to use much less wattage to achieve the same (if not better) light output. In fact, you can realize a reduction in energy by up to 75% in some cases.


2. Longer lifespan

Since parking fixtures are typically high up in the air, it can get expensive to change them out every time they burn out. With LED you will be able to realize 2-3 times longer lifespans, which will allow you to stop buying so many replacement lights. In addition, you will be able to stop paying someone to change them out as often, which is another commonly overlooked benefit of LEDs.


3. Lower lumen depreciation

Like we discussed earlier, lumen depreciation is an especially important topic with Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lighting more-so than with any other lighting application. For example, consider a metal halide or HPS light fixture. Near the end of its life, it might be outputting only 50% of the original light that it did when it was near.

On the contrary, a LED Lights might only have lost 15% of its light output. With LED, you typically will not run into situations of under lit areas in your car lot like you would with Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights.

These are only a few of the many benefits of LED Lights, but these are certainly the main ones that most outdoor lot owners have told us were the biggest benefit that made them make the switch.


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