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We’ve collected the best LED lighting blogs, facility manager blogs; but we’ve yet to put together anything for electrical contractors. We know from experience and electrical contractors that we’ve interacted with that forums are a great way for any electrical contractor to join a community, help others, and get help in return when it is needed. They build a sense of security in the sense that if you get lost, there are 100’s of others that can probably advise you on the right direction to take a given issue.

In this post, we’ve put together the 12 best electrical forum sites for you to scroll through until you find the ones that work for you. The list is in no particular order for this very reason; that everyone may prefer one over the other on their own basis. So here is our list of the 12 best electricians forums for 2020.


1. Electrician Talk

Electrician Talk had to be included simply by how popular it is. If you have ever looked up a electrical wiring forum before, you most likely came across this one. It’s active, it’s value filled, and we think it’s a great forum for all electricians looking for a forum to join. They cover so much from lighting electrical wiring to safety practices; it’s an intensive forum that will cover nearly every topic you are probably looking for with a lot to discuss and many active threads.


2. Mike Holt’s Forum

Mike Holt’s electrical forum is another popular one with many active threads & discussion, and it too was made specifically for electrical contractors. Covering topics from lighting, business management, to safety too; it’s another great and popular electrical wiring forum.


3. ECN Electrical Forum

We love the ECN Electrical Forum just by the value it has packed into its posts. It’s doesn’t have as active discussion as some of the other electrician forums on this list, but we still think it’s definitely worth a consideration to join, contribute to, and ask your electrical questions.


4. Contractor Talk: Electrical

Another electricians forum specifically for electrical contractors is a win for any electrical contractor out there. There specific focus allows you to go in looking for what you need and nothing more. It’s high focus on electrical contractor topics is great because any issue you’re facing right now has probably been faced and answered before here.


5. DIY Electrical Forum

The do it yourself electrical forum is a little less on focus, but barely. It still covers topics such as lighting wiring, security systems, solar, general wiring, and more. We think this forum is a little gem that has yet to be discovered, but then again; it seems to be very active nearly everyday.


6. Talk Electrician Forum

UK based, but still a great electrician forum. It covers a wide variety of electrical topics and there seems to be a strong focus on general electrical education and help.


7. Electricians Forums

Another UK based forum that has a more perpetual listing style with no definite sub-forum. We love this format as it’s easy to follow and find topics of interest. The variety of topics is narrow to everything electrical, specifically for electricians. This focus keeps electricians feeling like they are in the right place when browsing.


8. All About Circuits Forum

As the name suggests, this electrical forum is really all about all circuits and electronics. We tend to think this electricians forum is best suited for a true lover of wiring, circuits, and electronics just based off of all the wide variety of topics it covers. Sound like you? You might enjoy this electrical forum then!


9. able2know Electrical Forum

A great community that is simple to navigate and find topics of interest, think of it as the perfect electrician message board. It’s not that active in terms of new posts, but there seems to always be great advise and answers to questions that are asked there. So.. have a burning question you want answered? Ask it here!


10. IET Forum

The Institution of Engineering and Technology has put together a forum that includes a great variety of wiring topics and everything related to engineering. It’s a little less specific as to a electricians forum; but it’s still a seriously great forum for wiring and engineering.


11. House Repair Talk: Electrical and Wiring

The name explains exactly what this forum is all about, home & residential electrical and wiring forum. It covers great topics found in these applications, and you will see a lot of very specific topics about residential wiring and electrical applications here.


12. ENG-TIPS Engineering Forums

From programmable logic controllers to circuit design and many more; this forum is more engineering based but can still be seriously valuable for the advanced (or extremely interested) electrical contractor. We like it for the sole fact that they go in-depth in their topics and the community knows what they are talking about when issues arise.


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