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Basketball Court Lighting Layout

A Basketball Court Light Plan is a report generated by specialized lighting software. The software allows you to enter court dimensions, whether its indoor or outdoors. You can then place the lighting in the software, aim it, and then calculate light levels.

The plan allows you to change out lights, alter angles and orientations in order to achieve the best lighting results for the court.

What does a Basketball Court Light Design Do?

Changing out lighting can be a daunting task.  Or adding lights to a space that needs lighting can also be challenging.

Why? Because adding the right light can make the difference between  a successful lighting project and a bad one.

No two LED Lights are the same. They can differ by wattage, lumen output and beam pattern. Choosing the right combination is not easy to do. Doing a basketball court lighting plan can make this process easy.

We can easily provide you with a free basketball lighting plan. So if you are thinking about lighting up an indoor or outdoor basketball court, consider asking us to do a basketball lighting plan for you.

Want a Free Photometric Basketball Court Lighting Plan?

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Basketball Court Lighting Plan
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